Gardening Toronto Blog – Step and Deck Repair

Here in Toronto the seasons can play havoc with any brick steps and stone pathways as the ground freezes and then thaws causing shifting materials. Similar to how cracks are formed in concrete and asphalt roadways, your stone steps and pathways may crack or become damaged as water becomes becomes trapped and freezes in the winter months.

Rainbow Gardening has many years of experience repairing steps, pathways and other garden features around your home.

Most recently, we worked on a challenging project.

We prepped these stairs by removing the flag stone from the concrete form. There was evidence of a repair done previously. We suggest that expansion foam is not used to patch holes under stairs as it’s only a temporary reprieve from water damage. We removed the flagstone that was originally installed on a dry base as it was destined for premature failure.

At Rainbow Gardening Toronto we install flagstone on a wet base whenever possible to prevent further water penetration that can lead to the premature failure of the stairs. It is important to keep your stairs level and free from cracks which can become a safety hazard.

The flagstone was reinstalled and grouted using the proper grout. These stairs are now ready for winter!

If you are looking for gardening services in Toronto, Rainbow Gardening is your best bet when it comes to creating a fancy garden. Drop us a line … we will follow up right away.

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