Gardening Toronto Blog – How to Use Water Features in Your Garden

What exactly are water features?

Water features include such elements as koi fish ponds, garden ponds, waterfalls, natural waterfalls, pools, fountains streams or cascades. These water features are usually self-contained which means that they do no need water to be pumped or plumped into them, and the water inside them is recycled from a hidden spot or reservoir which is known as the sump. The sump is usually located inside a hidden spot of the water feature or in case of outdoor water features, it is buried inside the ground.

Water features come in a variety of different sizes and designs. A water feature can be so small that you can place it on a table or it can be so huge that it covers an entire wall of the building. They are usually made from materials like stainless steel, glass, iron, granite, stone and resin. Modern water features are usually electronically controlled and come with features like light animation or background music.

Why should you add a water feature?

Water features add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. When adding water features, it increases the your property value immediately. The ambient sounds of the water, it helps to prevent other forms of disturbing noise pollution and it also helps in improving the quality of the air.

How can you use water features in your garden?

Bell Fountains

A simple bell fountain is the most common way to introduce a water feature in your garden and definitely one of the classiest way as well. It is an in ground which is very easy to install. The water is captured from a sump or an underground reservoir and water is pumped out in the shape of a bell.

Small Ponds

Ponds especially, the small ones can be built and installed over a weekend. They can even fit in in the most modest of the backyards and still make it look big. Every few minutes, a tranquil and gentle stream will fall from the fountain into the pond and make it look so serene and peaceful.

Bubbling Spheres

The soft sounds of the water and the beautiful looking terra cotta is the perfect combination that will make your garden look surreal. You can place this bubbling sphere in any place of your garden and it will look good. Just make sure to invest in a terra cotta sphere which is high-fired and which can withstand exposure to water.

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