Gardening Toronto Blog – How to Upgrade Your Garden Using Night Lighting

Your backyard is supposed to be the place where you enjoy a peaceful evening after a hectic day at work. It is also a place where you can entertain your guests for a family brunch, dinner, BBQ, birthday party or any other event. Hence, your backyard garden should always look serene, pretty and calm. Adding some night lighting helps to make it look fancy like a romantic outdoor restaurant. Here are a few ways to use night lighting.

1. Make use of solar lighting

Solar powered lighting is still trending nowadays. An eco-friendly approach in landscaping and garden design is accomplished through the use of these solar lights. So, light up your pathway with the help of this type of lighting each having its own solar panel. For those on a tighter budget, you can use string lights which are attached to only one central solar panel.

2. String lights for that romantic and fairy tale feel

Garden parties, date nights and night time relaxation works best when using string lights. One can easily plug in these beautifully aesthetic lights and illuminate their whole garden. You will be able to find a large variety of designs available. There are the normal fairy lights, star shaped ones and you can also even them in the shape of mini houses.

3. Old-fashioned yet, modern lanterns

These modern designed lanterns are a perfect way to light up your garden plus, they are also easy to move around. Lanterns with candles and LED lights are readily available. You can choose any of those depending on the amount of light needed to illuminate your entire garden.

4. Hidden LED lights

If you have any steps and stairs in your backyard garde, do not ignore them. You can install a strip of hidden LED lights along the base of those stairs to highlight them nicely. Bright LED lights draw relatively little power and have long bulb life.

5. Up lighting

Placing lights under the trees in your garden definitely makes a classy statement for your backyard. It is also a very convenient way to brighten up the entire space.

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