Gardening Toronto Blog – Deck Refinishing Project

It’s time for deck maintenance and safety upgrades before the snow flies!

Step One – Power Washing

We did a complete power washing to thoroughly clean the deck surface. This is a very important step to ensure optimum results.

Step Two – Deck Finishing

Once the deck was completely clean, we hammered down all of the nails and then started the sanding process with heavy grit sandpaper and moved along to using an orbital sander with lower grit to give a very smooth finish. Proper sanding removes the raised wood fibres and keeps the deck splinter free. At this time, we also inspected the basic support columns for any rot as well as all joist hangers to ensure everything was just right.

Step Three – Staining

This stain adds a dramatic effect to your property and highlights the beauty of the house brick. Two coats of quality Canadian Olympic Stain was applied. Once the deck was dry we put back the patio furniture, flowering urns and reattached the drip irrigation line.

Not only this process adds a dramatic impression to this beautiful back yard retreat, it has added years to the longevity to this wood structure.

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